Country Updates from France and Vanuatu, Changes to UN AL-Qaida Sanction List

  1. France – FATF plenary meeting 2015

The plenary meeting of FATF was held at Paris from October 17th -23rd 2015. In the plenary meeting, there were discussions about the AML/CFT regulations of Italy and its compliance with the  FATF recommendations. It also addressed the countries to take into account the effectiveness with which AML/CFT recommendations are implemented

The meeting also focused on progress made by Ecuador and Sudan in AML/CFT on the deficiencies identified earlier. Both the countries will no longer be under FATF’s monitoring on its on ongoing global AML/CFT compliance process.


  1. Vanuatu: The Asia Pacific Group’s call on Vanuatu’s deficient AML/CTF Laws

The Asia Pacific group of Money Laundering (APG) has called on Vanuatu to expeditiously address the deficiencies and to enhance the effectiveness of its system to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. The report says Vanuatu has low level of effectiveness in implementing all the FATF’s global AML/CFT standards.

Vanuatu was deficient in providing adequate criminalization of money laundering and terrorist financing, adequate measures to implement United Nations resolutions, adequate customer due diligence, supervisory frame work for Financial institutions, non Financial business and Professionals



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